ACTC, Arizona Community Tree Council, held their Annual Tree Festival & Climbing Championship at Esteban Park in Phoenix, AZ on February 25th.  The Caretaker Landscape Team was made up of some of the company’s best climbers including Jeremy, Jesse, Jose, and Jacob.  

According to ACTC website the Tree Climbing Championship events were judged based on the ITCC Rules.  The events included the following challenges:

·       Aerial Rescue

·       Belayed Speed Climb

·       Secured Footlock

·       Throwline

·       Work Climb

Each event was designed to test the competitors’ ability to quickly, professionally, and safely climb through a tree as they perform the tasks required by each event.  Once all of the scores were tallied the Caretaker Landscape Team came in 1st place with the highest combined total in all events for the WIN!

 “Our team was up against some of the toughest competitors in Arizona. For most of our climbers, it was their 1st competition, and they performed outstanding!” Jeremy Sholes, Operations Manager Tree Division

“Hats off to ACTC for putting together this fantastic event for these hard working individuals to showcase their abilities and talents. It is a great arena for newcomers and veterans of the industry to come together for a fun day of comradery.” Jason Richard, Director of Tree Management for Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management.

The Caretaker Landscape Team is proud and honored to bring home the 2017 Traveling Trophy!  We are looking forward to next year.  Thank you to ACTC and City of Phoenix for hosting the event. 

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