Rovey FarmsRovey 90 Day Walk (90)Rovey FarmsRovey FarmsIt’s always nice when a customer goes out of their way to compliment the great work our team is doing…  Check out this letter we recieved about our team at Rovey Farms.  Rovey Farms is managed by Vision Community Mangement.  The partnership with Vision, Matt Johnson from Vision, The Board, Ryan Orosco and The Landscape Management Team has made this all possible!!!

To whom it may concern:

I just want to let you know what a great job the people at Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management Company are doing in the common areas here at Rovey Farm Estates.  I moved in here in the latter part of May 2012 and found the area perfect for taking my nearly four mile daily walk, Monday through Friday.  I never fail to see the men all hard at work, not standing around talking or other non-productive activities.  In addition, something I rarely see happen with landscaping companies – as I get near their work area, they stop all blowers, sweeping, riding mowers, you name it.  In tighter areas they have even used the blower to blow away the dust I would have had to walk through!  The supervisor is very friendly and we always exchange pleasantries.  Even the workers smile and respond to my good mornings.  The work they have done is amazing, because when I moved in there were huge areas of grass that was not growing, plants dead or dying due to the sprinkler system needing rep  airs.  Even over the hot summer, it was night and day how beautiful the area was beginning to look.  The newly added rock is a very nice feature and will ultimately cut down on the dust that was created from the looser dirt/gravel that was in place originally.  Please pass on this praise to their boss as well as anyone at the HOA that would like to hear this.  I am merely a tenant but love this neighborhood and find it lovely to live in.


Rovey Farm Estates Resident