Did you know June 14-20th is Monsoon Safety Awareness Week?

The goal of Monsoon Safety Awareness Week is to reduce the number of deaths, injuries and property damage caused by weather related dangers that occur during the monsoon.  Through education about proper precautionary actions to be taken, lives can be saved and property losses can be minimized.

We want to help make sure our client partners are safe as part of our Commitment to Caring!  Do you need safety tips and information for your communities and properties?  We’ve got you covered!

National Weather Service & the Arizona Department of Emergency & Military Affairs Website

Maricopa County Monsoon Safety Brochure

Summary of Monsoon Safety Tips

General Safety Tips and Preparation

Info about downburst winds

Pull Aside, Stay Alive – Dust Storm Safety

When Thunderstorms Roar, Go Indoors – Lightning Safety

Turn Around, Don’t Drown! – Flood Safety 

Governor’s Proclamation

Thank you to www.monsoonsafety.org for all the great info!

Tips from AZCentral.