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Mischelle Arreca AZRE

Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management is pleased to announce that Mischelle Arreca White   has been promoted to Vice President of Business Development.  Mischelle was initially hired at Caretaker to manage our business development team and  increase our brand and our market share in the commercial property marketplace.  We are now one of the most well know and well respected commercial landscape contractors in that marketplace, working with virtually every property management team in town.

She has been involved in a broad range of business development and management positions in her career. Most Recently, Director of Business Development at Caretaker Landscape. In her new role as Vice President of Business Development, she will be shifting her focus to the landscape construction industry. She will also continue to drive the marketing and new business development initiatives and grow the business development team.   Mischelle will play a key role in the Executive Management Team at Caretaker Landscape and continue making sure that Caretaker Landscape is most sought after and trusted landscape contractor available.

Her approach to building relationships creates long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. “Mischelle is incredibly engaging and cares deeply about our clients and her team,” said Matt White President of Caretaker Landscape

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