We have 5 ISA Certified Arborists on our team and we are equipped to handle all of your tree trimming and tree care needs.

Juan Gomez, Operations Manager – ISA Certified Arborist (WE-8275A), CDLP, CLP, QP, ABPA, SLM, ACPA
Scott Cosgrove, Director of Horticulture – ISA Certified Arborist (WE-8354A), ACLP, CDLP, CTM, CLIA, SLM, ACPA
Anthony Luciano, Director of Horticulture/Vistancia – ISA Certified Arborists (WE-9687A), CDLP, CLP, ACPA
Eric Watson, Account Manager – B.S. of Horticulture, ISA Certified Arborist (WE-9624A),SLM, ACPA
Ryan Orosco, Account Manager – ISA Certified Arborist (WE-9685A), CDLP, ACPA

Our ISA Certified Arborist team specializes in the art and science of tree Care, as specified in the ANSI standards and perfected with years of experience.They are knowledgeable in determining the type of pruning necessary to improve or maintain the long-term health of your trees.  They will investigate stressed trees and recommend appropriate corrective action.  Further, they will reduce your exposure to liability by identifying safety hazards, such as sightline problems or weak limbs.