Common Name: Chaste Tree; Monk’s Pepper; Hemp Tree

  • Botanical Name: Vitex agnus-castus
  • Native Distribution: Southern Europe
  • Hardiness:  15 degrees
  • Sun: Full sun; Partial shade
  • Water:  Moderate water needed; can be weaned off water as it matures
  • Growth (rate, size and form): 20 x 20; Wants to be a large shrub
  • Foliage (e/d, color, texture): Dark Green, deciduous, five-point.
  • Flowers (color & season):  Lavender Spikes, Summer to Fall
  • Comments (litter, thorns, allergenic):  Some leaf drop, bloom drop; no thorns

Special Features (wildlife, other):  This is a beautiful tree to accent an outdoor area.  There can be some dieback if this plant experiences long pods of freezing temperatures.

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