annual-flowers-tip-octoberYou may have started noticing that the flowers you planted in spring are slowly losing their vitality.  October is the perfect time to plant a fresh batch that will last through the winter and into late spring.

With the holidays upon us, many people choose corresponding colors such as reds (we love RED) and whites.  Geraniums are a great choice as they are available in red, pink and white and can be mixed and matched in pots or larger planter beds.

Other varieties that will do well in the winter are petunias and pansies.  Petunias are probably the hardiest of any flower you could choose and with pansies being a little more delicate.  Be aware that Javalina like the taste of pansies and may not be a good choice if you have wildlife activity near your home. 

When arranging your pots or flower beds, remember to plant larger varieties in the back of planters or in the middle of your pots and step down in front or around the edges of the pots.  See the photo for an example. 

Have fun with colors all year long!  An advantage to purchasing your flowers from local growers is that the flowers are usually more adapted to local climates.