Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management strives to be the most highly educated, professional, passionate and reputable landscape management firm.  Years ago, our leader, Matt White, realized that the way to build passion was to increase education.  The more knowledge you have in a particular subject, the more passionate you are.

“Develop a passion for learning.  If you do, you will never cease to grow” Anthony D’Angelo

Our Executive Team is comprised of individuals that are not only passionate about landscaping, but passionate about education.  Valuing education, Caretaker’s Executive Team hosted three different leadership classes for the various Directors and Managers in the 4th quarter of 2017.

An initial training session was held to help understand how personality styles affect communication.  Each member of the leadership team took part in a DiSC Assessment to better understand their personality style and the way they communicate.  They also learned how to better communicate with their peers.

Following this personality assessment and training, was a three day leadership conference, facilitated by Holly Reed with i-4talent. The Executive Team worked with their Directors and Managers to build leadership and compile goals for 2018.

In addition, a one-day seminar was held to educate the leadership in continuous improvement by utilizing the Lean Application Methods.  This seminar, facilitated by Stephanie Herman with Acuity Institute of Corporate Solutions helped the different department heads understand how to lean their processes to become more efficient in their work flow.

Operational Discipline, a concept brought to the company through Mark Wordley’s leadership, President of Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management, is defined as “the deeply rooted dedication and commitment by every member of an organization to carry out each task the right way every time.”  This dedication and commitment is led by the Executive Team through example. Each member of our Executive Team adheres to continuing improvement, operational discipline and commitment to increasing communication among their team.  It is their devotion to the entire Caretaker team that continues to grow our company into the educated, professional, passionate and reputable team that we strive to be.

TRIVIA -Which member of our Executive Team got their degree in the UK?  Go to our Executive Team Page to find out!  First 5 correct answers win a prize!  Email us at to submit your answer.