Grand Opening – Welcome  David Weekley Homes to Acacia Estates

Acacia Estates Community Entrance
Acacia Estates Community Entrance

David Weekley Homes is known for having great people and innovative design with a variety of customer options. The partnership in the grand opening between the Acacia Estates development team, David Weekley Homes and Caretaker Landscape centered on a true partnership where the great team enhanced the community with their innovative solutions.  

Caretaker Landscape started managing the landscape assets for the developer at Acacia Estates in November.  The Caretaker team has been an integral part of preparing the community for the grand opening of the model homes by David Weekley.  The ascetics and the appearance of the landscape was a huge priority for the developer and the homebuilder.

The Caretaker team strives to be all-inclusive landscape solution.  The maintenance department, tree department and construction department at worked together to ensure that the landscape of the community would be in premium condition during the grand opening of the model.  The team had their sharpest eyes bring back the Bermuda grass using proper watering and fertilization techniques and did a HUGE plant and tree installation the week of the Grand Opening.


Grand Opening Model Home
Grand Opening Model Home by David Weekley Homes

I want to thank you and Caretaker for the Acacia renovations last week.  The improvements were really impactful!  Your team really knocked it out right on schedule and it was much appreciated.  What a change from Monday to Friday… unbelievable.  Thanks for committing the resources and management to this project.  Our Model Opening occurred on Friday and according to our Sales Associate, sales traffic was up 4 fold from the prior week.  The community looks new again.  Please keep up the great work in making this community look its best,” said Pat Adler the Consulting Land Manager for David Weekley Homes.  

In addition to standard landscape management services, the Caretaker team also provided additional services for the landscape assets at Acacia Estates:

  •   Installation of 25’ Date Palm
  •   Removal of 342 Aloe, Agave and Ornamental Grass due to damage
  •   Installation of 760 Trees and Shrubs
  •   Arborist Consultation
  •   Tree Pruning
  •   Palm Tree and Tree Removal
  •   Irrigation Repairs
  •   Utility Easement Move
  •   Sign and Monument Installation
  •   Decomposed Granite Enhancement
Before - Date Palm Replacement
Before – Date Palm Replacement
After - Palm Replacement
After – Palm Replacement










To learn more about Acacia Estates or obtain information about the homes offered visit

The Caretaker team is proud to be part of the Acacia Estates community and glad that our solutions helped drive more traffic to the model homes during the grand opening.


Before - Noticable Winter Damage to Agave's.
Before – Winter Damage to Agave’s
Before - Overgrown Mesquite Tree
Before – Overgrown Mesquite
Before - Dead Date Palm
Before – Dead Date Palm
After - Community Inside Entrance
After – Community Inside Entrance
After - Entry to the Acacia Estates Community
After – Entry to the Acacia Estates Community


Tacoma Stans - Yellow Bells
Tacoma Stans – Yellow Bells
Burgundy Chilapsis
Burgundy Chilapsis

Bouganvillea La Jolla Bract
Bouganvillea La Jolla Bract