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Summer Monsoon Safety

If you haven’t experienced summer in Arizona, get ready for the beginning of Monsoon Season. Did you know the earliest start date for the monsoon was June 16, 1925? Arizona storms are considered monsoons when the average dew point is 55 degrees or higher for three consecutive days. These storms bring severe winds, dust and towering thunder clouds. They can cause extensive damage to anything in their path too. We are more concerned with your safety during this season than the definition of a monsoon. If you have a tree management preventive plan in place you can prevent potential hazards.
Here are a few things that you can do to help protect yourself during monsoon season:

1.       Plan ahead
2.       Have a first aid kit ready
3.       Listen to the weather reports
4.       Stake your trees
5.       Stay away from downed power lines

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Team Member Spotlight

Juan Gomez
Director of Operations 

ISA Certified Arborist,
His favorite quote is
“You reap what you sow.”
Juan joined the company in 1997 as a gardener.  Through his dedication and great work ethics, he worked his way through the ranks of the company.  Juan has been a Foreman, Irrigation Technician, Account Manager, and Director of Tree Management.  2012 marks his 15 year anniversary and was promoted to Operations Manager.  In addition, he is our in-house Water Conservation and Reclaimed Water Expert.  With over 26 years experience in the landscape and tree management industry, Juan has been an invaluable asset.  The Caretaker Family is honored and proud to have Juan on the team.

June Recomendations:

Tree and Plant Care Needs

* Hard prune Brittle Bush to 12” to 18” tall

* Very little trimming should be done on plants this month

* Very little trimming should be done on trees this month

* Tree and Plant Selection

* Fertilize your Queen Palms

* Prune Date Palms and Mexican Fan Palms

* Increase water to your plants and trees to once every 7 to 10 days