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Save Money by Landscaping Correctly the FIRST Time

In March, Forbes reported that there was a 41% increase in 2011 in Phoenix metro area building projects. The construction, which included both residential and commercial properties, totaled $5.3 billion.

New construction can be both costly and time-consuming.  If not properly planned, the initial project costs can rise and completion dates can be extended. But even more importantly, errors and problems in the foundational phase can cause more troubles in later months and years that have expensive price tags.

The last thing that a construction project manager or homebuilder wants to hear is excuses, time delays, and requests for additional funds. Our experienced Landscape Development team specializes in developing landscaping projects for new construction, maintaining budget outlines, and meeting deadlines for the Phoenix metro area.

Landscaping design, irrigation, tree and plant placement can add value and beauty to a property. It can also be a very tricky and expensive endeavor. Without proper planning and landscape analysis, many people and companies spend money only to later find out that everything that was planted or installed has died. Then more money is spent to replace the trees and plants and to fix the landscaping problem.

Our Landscape Construction Development Team evaluates all aspects of the property  or project. We start at the initial design phase and offer value engineering ideas and see the development through as we install a landscaping plan specifically suited to your needs. This insures that your money is spent wisely the FIRST time.
For more about the individual services of the Landscape Development department in the greater Phoenix area call Dena, Jack or Todd at 480-545-9755.

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Landscape Development Services:Caretaker Landscape May Newsletter Services

* Value Engineering
* Sustainable Practices
* Landscape Design
* Irrigation Design
* Tree and Plant Selection
* On-Time Results
* Partnership with Contractors
* Prepare Real-Time Budgets
* Water Auditing
* Job Site Safety
* Irrigation Installation
* Landscape Installation
* Manage Integrated Schedules

Conserving WaterCaretaker Landscape May Newsletter Conserving

With historic water rates increasing, conservation methods play an important role.  Caretaker can be instrumental in managing your community’s natural resources.