Did you know proper water management can reduce your water bill?

Well, summer is here!  With pavement so hot you can fry an egg on it, imagine what our plants and trees are going through.  They are unable to escape our elements.  It is up to us to treat them correctly.

Caretaker Landscape starts by ensuring that they are getting adequate and timely water.  With drought stress being a real concern for all of us, it only takes a little forward thinking to manage this process.  We recommend watering late in the evening, perhaps using midnight as a starting timeline, until early morning (roughly two hours after the sun has come up).  This will help the plants cool themselves naturally and become more willing to be in a state of water intake when the water is available.  Remember, as the temperatures rises, plants are prone to go into a stage of survival and storage and often don’t want to use those resources for cooling, unless they have to.

Another task of a tree or plant is to anchor itself into the area in which it was planted.  We can help this anchoring process by infrequently watering our shrubs and trees.  This infrequency and above outlined deep watering will push the plant material to seek out water at a deeper level, not to mention away from the soil surface where it is extremely hot!  The deeper these “searcher or anchorage” roots go, the better your trees or plants can better withstand our fast and swirling Monsoon winds.

Our team of Water Conservationists and Certified Irrigation Technicians specialize in finding unique ways to water wisely, yet keep the grounds of your community looking their best!  We, at Caretaker Landscape pride ourselves on finding sustainable solutions to your watering efforts.

To request for a Water/Irrigation Management Assessment, please contact Scott Cosgrove, Director of Water Management at scosgrove@caretakerinc.com.

Scott is certified in CLIA, SLM, ACLP, CDLP and is an ISA Certified Arborist (WE-8354A)