As you know we love the color Red!!!! So this week we picked the Red Spike Ice Plant.

  • Common Name: Red Spike Ice Plant
  • Botanical Name: Cephalophyllum “Red Spike”
  • Native Distribution:  Horticultural selection
  • Hardiness: 20°
  • Sun: Full sun
  • Water: Low
  • Growth (rate, size and form): Slow, 6 x 6, clumping
  • Foliage (e/d, color, texture): Evergreen, medium green, coarse texture
  • Flowers (color & season): Brilliant red-cerise, winter to early spring
  • Comments (litter, thorns, allergenic): Low litter, no thorns
  • Special Features (wildlife, other): Winter color.  Good for small spaces
Red Spike
Red Spike
Red Spike
Red Spike