Caretaker Landscape has Certified Turf Grass Professionals on Staff

Foothills Gateway 11-25-09 002

With temperatures rapidly approaching a consistent 90 – 100 degrees, we will begin to see the effects in our landscapes.  The most noticeable sign is going to be the decline of our Rye grass.

Our team of Certified Irrigation Technicians will be monitoring the irrigation cycles as we begin our Rye to Bermuda transition.  Rye begins to decline when the grass turns a grayish-blue color then a slow yellowing of the grass blade.  Our Certified Irrigation Technicians will start increasing watering cycles to meet the requirements of the summer Bermuda.  A gradual increase rather than a sudden drastic increase should keep water usage to a minimum.  Once there’s more of a Bermuda base (currently we are seeing roughly a 40 – 50% overall base) we will fertilize with a slow release fertilize that is anticipated to get our Bermuda aggressive.

Over the next several weeks our mowing heights will decrease, especially on sections where a community has chosen not to over seed.  By lowering the heights we can get more sunlight to the Bermuda base, allowing it to aggressively grow on its own.  

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