Caretaker Landscape on average, on new properties we manage, we save our clients 20% – 30% on their water bills with proper Water Management


Here are some easy helpful tips that will help save time and water in your landscape.

  • Minimize evaporation by watering during the early morning hours, when temperatures are cooler and winds are lighter.  This timing can also help to avoid the peak demand for other household uses like showers, kitchen chores and the use of laundry appliances.
  • Spray out valves boxes with water to get rid of any spider webs or nests that developed over the past few months.  These insects can become food for larger animals which can chew on wires or disrupt the operation of the valves.
  • Fertilize sparingly.  The more fertilizer applied, the more water required.
  • Adjust heads as landscape plants grow larger and begin to block the spray patterns of the sprinklers.
  • Check the locking mechanism on the controllers to ensure that they are still working properly.  Use WD-40 on locks to keep them working smoothly.
  • Tug on the field wires at the solenoid to ensure the wire connectors are tight.  If they are loose, the wires can become corroded and cause the valve to not work correctly.
  • When replacing batteries in the irrigation controllers, write the date on the new batteries with a permanent marker. These will need to be changed yearly.

Below are some watering frameworks that you can apply at home.  Please remember these are  just parameters. 

  • Spray Heads – 13 minutes a day, four days per week
  • Part Circle Rotors – 21 minutes a day, four days per week
  • Full Circle Rotors – 42 minutes a day, four days per week
  • Drip Irrigation – 2 hours every 10 days

To request for a Water Management & Enhancement Proposal or if you have general water management questions, please contact Scott Cosgrove, Director of Water Management and Enhancements at