Matt White

CEO & Owner

Mark Wordley

COO & President

Eric Watson

Vice President of Landscape and Tree Maintenance

Todd Schneider

Vice President of Construction

Mischelle White

Director of Events - Construction & Development

Paul Keaney

East Valley Branch Manager

Nathan Kundla

West Valley Account Manager

David Mayberry

Colorado Branch Manager

Jared Maysey

Director of Tree Management

Jason Tucker

Tree Operations Manager

Matt DeRoest

Director of Water Management

Bob Brown

Director of Enhancements

Patricia Myers

Human Resources Director

Debbie Cook

Director of Accounting

Annette Castilla

Director of Continuous Improvement

Jenny Given

Continuous Improvement Manager

Judi Celano

Director of Business Development

Dominique Hypolite

Marketing Manager

Marion Berres

Business Development Manager

Dave Jelinek

Business Development Manager

Horace Pugh

Business Development Manager - Colorado