Did you know Caretaker Landscape has 18 Certified Sustainable Landscape Managers?

Some of you may have attended AACM’s CAAM graduation lunch where Judy Gausman, CEO of ALCA, spoke about the importance of Sustainable Landscape Management. 

SLM Final Rack Card

To request for a Landscape Maintenance or Tree Pruning Proposal, please contact Michelle Izquierdo, Business Development Manager for our HOA Division at michellei@caretakerinc.com.  

Michelle is SLM Certified and is a member of AACM and CAI.  She volunteers her time for the following committees: AACM Membership, AACM Outreach, AACM Events and CAI Membership.

Last but not least, drum roll please…the winner of our CAI Trade Show Booth Photo Contest is Nick Sewald from Vision Community Management for giving us all a great laugh and winning the photo contest.  Congratulations Nick from the Caretaker Team.

Nick Sewald- CAI Photo Contest Winner